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How Miracle Flights for Kids Arranges for Medical Miracles

July 25, 2017
The people who have benefited from the fine work done by Miracle Flights for Kids usually call the people who work for the charity, “Miracle Makers.” There is little doubt how they mean it; it is actually an accurate name for them, when you think about how many families of sick children they help out every year. This fine nonprofit organization was created for a single purpose. It’s founders discovered that many sick kids were unable to get the specialized medical treatment they needed because their family didn’t have the means to afford the high cost of airfare to send them there.

That just seemed wrong, so Miracle Flights for Kids was founded in 1985 to get more families over that hump. There is no way any child needing specialized medical care and other life-supporting options should be prevented from reaching the help they need because of distance and the cost of a flight. These “Miracle Makers” work for the families of these children in a compassionate way because that’s what everyone deserves and because they know they will only continue to operate if they foster a spirit of trust among all concerned, including patients and families, the communities they serve and those who donate to make these flights possible.

Since 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids Helps Families Soar

April 26, 2017
For more than three decades, the fine people at Miracle Flights for Kids have conducted an outreach program that asks for the help of people all over the United States. It’s a really good cause, so people should want to help provide these services. Their service is based on a simple idea; no child who needs help to receive treatment for a life-altering or life threatening illness should ever denied access to such care because their family is unable to pay the potentially high costs of airline travel.

Over time, Miracle Flights for Kids has won a lot of praise for the services they offer, including many awards as top-rated non-profit, as well as humanitarian awards and even a couple of lifetime achievement awards. A lot of the reason why people appreciate them is based on the fact that their service is so necessary. Based on statistics, as many as 30 million Americans have been afflicted with a rare disease at one time or another that either reduces their life expectancy or negatively affects their quality of life in some way. Unfortunately, about half of these Americans are children and a great many will not live to see their fifth birthday.

Miracle Flights for Kids has evolved into one of the most esteemed charitable organizations in the country. They have been able to work in a compassionate way because they know that the only way they can continue to operate is by engendering trust in all concerned, including patients and their families, as well as the communities they serve and with the people who donate to make these flights possible. And there have been a lot of flights, given that they have paid for more than 100,000 flights covering nearly 56 million miles in their history. That is a lot of families who have gotten a lot more peace of mind due to their work and they should be proud.

As Often As Needed - Miracle Flights for Kids

January 30, 2017
In 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids was founded in order to improve access to healthcare by providing free air transportation to medical facilities throughout the United States for low income families with children in need as often as needed. They knew that putting no bans on how many times a child could utilize their services was important as many of these struggling families have children with chronic illnesses. In order to keep their work growing, they promote awareness for their cause and their services through very specific marketing tactics that include targeted outreach programs. Miracle Flights for Kids is determined to help spread the awareness of these children in need and provide for them as often as needed.

Thousands of Hands Make Miracle Flights for Kids Happen

October 22, 2016
It takes thousands of donors and volunteers from across the nation working together to make Ann McGee’s dream, founder of Miracle Flights for Kids, a reality on a daily basis. Due to these wonderful people’s efforts and diligence, Miracle Flights for Kids has quickly become the nation’s leading nonprofit health and welfare flight organization. So far, Miracle Flights for Kids has coordinated more than 97,000 flights and 53 million miles of medical air travel in order to help families in need and the number keeps going up both in miles served and donors and volunteers serving this great cause.

Miracle Flights for Kids, The Solution for Medically Required Travel

July 27, 2016
There is a great need all over the nation for children that require healthcare outside of their local area. Too often, the cost to travel to the doctors or services that provide the specialized care that these children need can be enormous. This national need for children from low income families to have a way to reach specialized medical care needed to find a solution and that is why, in 1981, Miracle Flights for Kids was founded. Miracle Flights for Kids had a dream to be able to help children and families to reach that specialized medical care facility, without suffering from the debilitating costs so that they could focus on helping their children get better and now that dream is a reality. These families now have access to healthcare that can dramatically improve their children’s quality of life no matter how far they need to go to get it.

Miracle Flights’ New CEO

April 23, 2016
In November 2015, after almost 30 years of leadership under founder Ann McGee, a new CEO took the helm at Las Vegas-based Miracle Flights.

Mark E. Brown, the new Chief Executive Officer for the organization, moves into the organization’s top role following extensive experience in government, lobbying, public relations, marketing and advertising. His experience also includes nonprofit work, such as serving as chair of the YMCA of Southern Nevada for two terms, managing philanthropic donations for the Howard Hughes Corporation and Station Casinos, and leading efforts to raise more than $25 million as the multi-year chair for the Clark County School Growth Committee.

Professionally, Brown arrives to the position at Miracle Flights following service as partner and president of R&R Partners, an all-encompassing communications corporation. His experience also includes roles with Zen Entertainment, The Howard Hughes Corporation and Station Casinos and work with the former Nevada Senator Chic Hecht. He helped found Service 1st Bank of Nevada and previously served as president of MBC Communications as well.

Brown graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, and completed the Executive Program in Management at the John Anderson Graduate School of Management. He currently also serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the UNLV Foundation.

Free Medical Flights for Washington State Children

January 29, 2016
Low-income families in Washington state who have children with serious, life-threatening illnesses or medical conditions have access to doctors and specialists across the country thanks to Miracle Flights for Kids. Often, when a child gets sick, people only think about the cost of actual treatments—but the added cost of missing work, transportation, and other issues can add up and be an even burden because insurance does not pay for these. This is even more of a concern for children who need to see specialists or receive care outside of their own state. Flights can get expensive quickly, but Miracle Flights for Kids has worked to cease this from being a problem for people in Washington State.

Ann McGee, the founder of Miracle Flights for Kids as well as the President, has said that “distance should never be a factor when a child's health is in question.” Miracle Flights for Kids has in the past had opportunities to help children from Washington. One such child was five-year old Michael Cruz, who was flown from Yakima, Washington to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City in order to monitor his Bilateral Retinoblastoma (Cancer of both eyes). He and his mother frequently made this 2,900 miles journey, free of charge thanks to Miracle Flights for Kids.

Miracle Flights For Kids Provides Financial Assistance To Low Income Children For Air Travel

August 26, 2015
If you are thinking of donating to Miracle Flights for Kids, then there are a couple of issues to consider. First off, cash donations are appreciated—but they are not the only way to make a donation to Miracle Flights for Kids. The non-profit has made it easy for supporters to donate vehicles, office furniture, and various types of in-kind donations. If you can provide services such as graphic design, legal representation, printing, advertising, accounting, or video production, then that is valuable to Miracle Flights for Kids as well.

Ann McGee is the founder of Miracle Flights for Kids, which was established in 1985. The non-profit provides financial assistance to low income children for air travel in order to obtain various kinds of special medical care. To date, Miracle Flights for Kids has coordinated more than 90,000 flights with more than 50 million miles of medical air travel completed.
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