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How Miracle Flights for Kids Arranges for Medical Miracles

July 25, 2017
The people who have benefited from the fine work done by Miracle Flights for Kids usually call the people who work for the charity, “Miracle Makers.” There is little doubt how they mean it; it is actually an accurate name for them, when you think about how many families of sick children they help out every year. This fine nonprofit organization was created for a single purpose. It’s founders discovered that many sick kids were unable to get the specialized medical treatment they needed because their family didn’t have the means to afford the high cost of airfare to send them there.

That just seemed wrong, so Miracle Flights for Kids was founded in 1985 to get more families over that hump. There is no way any child needing specialized medical care and other life-supporting options should be prevented from reaching the help they need because of distance and the cost of a flight. These “Miracle Makers” work for the families of these children in a compassionate way because that’s what everyone deserves and because they know they will only continue to operate if they foster a spirit of trust among all concerned, including patients and families, the communities they serve and those who donate to make these flights possible.